Living the dream

Ever wondered what the meaning of life is? Why we're here? Is there a purpose, is it just a random coincidence? What are we here for if we're here for some purpose?

If you often think about such questions, I feel you will enjoy this book. I personally think about these things almost daily, everytime I go to bed I have thoughts popping up in my head about what I just did, how I could have changed the just elapsed events, if I acted right in such and such situations? The list of questions is endless and so are the answers it seems!

1. Dreaming

When we dream it all feels so real, actually we don't usually notice it is a dream until we wake up, yet when we wake up it's all gone in an instant, the illusion is gone. All that can remain is the lessons of that illusion, if we are able to remember the dream. In a dream we can sometimes do things that seem impossible in the real world, like flying or opening a door in one room and being on the mount Everest on the other side and while in the dream it feels all too normal. Yet when we wake up we compare it to what we believe is reality, and then suddenly a lot of the events in some dreams just seem impossible.

Why do we dream? I always wondered! Some dreams seem to be just our fears and regretful events replaying themselves over and over again, because we did not behave as we would have wanted when the actual events happened. Let's take a simple example, you saw someone during the day you were attracted to, but didn't find the courage to go talk too; not only you might think about the situation over and over after it happened for a short while, but you might actually dream the event again and replay the event in different ways than how it actually happened.

Then there are other dreams, many other dreams, some that just don't make sense or seem to be a mix of tons of feelings and events that happened in your life and it's just all scrambled together. Some other dreams just seem unreal, it seems, where you fly, dive underwater for indeterminate amounts of time, or survive a plane crash etc. I cannot really make a list, there are infinite scenarios possible, but I hope you get the my point, its dreams where we do things that seem impossible.

Then some of us also have dreams actually predicting some near future events etc.

The list and types of dreams is endless, we could write encyclopaedias full of dream experiences from everyone on this planet and I don't think these books would ever have an end!

What I am personally focussed on here is trying to find what are the common points between any types of dreams? All I could find, is a very limited number of common points! One common point is that it is some sort of a theatre/game experience where you can just play any character you want in any situation you want for as long as you want, even dreams within dreams, where you wake up and are actually still in another dream, experiencing what it feels to wake up from a dream. The scenarios are really endless, we could dream forever and never be bored, even if there are nightmares, you know you'll wake up, so how bad could it really be, you're somehow just testing what fear does and how it makes you feel. So basically it's some kind of a theatre play where we can play any scene and character, furthermore remember what I just said, we could dream forever and never be bored, that is also one of the important aspects in my opinion and I'll explain why as we continue.

The other common point I found is that dreams happen in an instant! You can spend an experience that lasts weeks, months or even years in a dream and yet from our 'real' world point of view the dream always seems to last at maximum some minutes. Have you ever woken up in the night looked at the clock, felt asleep, dreamt, woken up again and only less than ten minutes had elapsed, yet your dream seemed to last for a very very long period. How is that possible?

Well I don't even want to understand how this is possible, this is up to the scientists to figure it out, with general relativity and time that depends on the observer etc. Lets not go into these aspects, I think I would loose all of you before the end of this chapter!

What is interesting nonetheless is that aspect of time; dreams can last for a long time when we're in them, but when we wake up it just lasted some minutes of our earthly time.

Another common point between many dreams, is the people we interact with while dreaming. When we're in the dream it seems that this person is Jack, the other is Johanna and so on. Well Jack and Johanna are just names I used randomly, but assume these persons are for all of us some friends we know in our life. While dreaming we are enjoying some time with them, yet when we wake up, sometimes (not always) if we try to remember these persons faces we realise they were not who we thought they were? They were some kind of entity with characteristics of these persons we knew, but often (at least for me) I personally cannot remember any face from the dream, how they looked like, who they were exactly? The more I try to figure out exactly who someone in my dream was, the more I realize it was a mix up of many personalities that during the dream was that person, but as I wake up I realise, I have no idea who these persons where? They represented friendly friends for sure, or maybe annoying people, whatever fits.

This example is for the types of dreams I just consider scrambled, where loads of situations are just mixed up and you're enjoying a dream that does not really seem to have any purpose. I am totally aware that we also have dreams were we dream of exactly interacting with one person (or more) we know very well and as we wake up we totally remember who that person was. In my opinion these dreams are just a replay of real events we would have liked to handle differently, or a play of some plans we made for the event to happen in the future.

Back to the scrambled dreams, where when we wake up we actually have not much of a clue of actually who were these persons we were interacting with or even we have no idea where we were, why were we there? Why did we have that dream?

Well isn't that a bit like our life on earth? Who are all these people around us, why are they here? Why are we here with them? Why do such and such situations occur? I cannot find a definite answer and I don't think I ever will, either to why we have scrambled dreams, or why we're all on earth.

I will try to explain my view on this. What if all that, meaning our life on earth, was just some kind of a game/scenario? Just to have different experiences, play different scenarios, see what emotions feel like on a personal level?

Don't get me wrong I don't consider our life on earth as a mindless, purposeless game, but as a game with a deep purpose that I cannot really explain in words. But I'll still try to explain it!

Think about colors, how would you describe green to someone who is blind?

Think about sound, how would you describe a melody to someone who has no hearing?

Then think about emotions? How do you describe fear or love? We can't! It's all subjective, someone could consider one emotion to be love, while another person could consider that same emotion to be gratefulness? How do you know if someone else associates the same feeling to the same situations?

This is something that always puzzled me, if I look for the first definition of love I can find on the internet, I find: A strong positive emotion of regard and affection.

Well then, what's the first definition of emotion I find: a strong feeling?

What's the definition of feeling: The experiencing of affective and emotional states?

It's just going round and round forever, we define emotions by other words that also describe emotions. Like we describe colours by colours, and sounds by sounds... There is no other way around. The only way to really know! What a sound SOUNDS like, what a colour LOOKS like, what an emotion FEELS like... is to be able to experience it first hand, you cannot really describe it to someone else.

What does our life on earth allow us to do? Exactly these things, experience sounds, colors, emotions and things that we will never be able to describe fully to anyone else.

What do some dreams allow us to do? Often it's also about experiencing indescribable things, like the ability to fly for example.

How do we know what a bird feels when flying? I guess we'll never know unless we are able to become a bird? Or do birds feel something like us? I believe so surely, but until I've been a bird I would never be able to compare or even know what's in a birds' head, and even if they have emotions and feelings, how do we know if they feel things the same way we do, again I have to become a bird to be able to answer! Then apply that to us humans, each of us, you reading, I could not even know if my feelings are the same than any of yours. Only by becoming you and forgetting temporarily who I am would I be able to know!

Well, now think again about the weirdest most incomprehensible dreams you had? You might have been a different person, or an animal, or even just an omniscient narrator looking at a situation from above. Isn't that wonderful, to be able to experience things from a completely different point of view, especially if you know, once you've woken up, that it was all a dream. After such dreams, there is no fear, just enjoyment and almost regret that the dream is already over.

Well what if life on earth was for the same purpose, experiencing colours, sounds, emotions and things that cannot be described? Or even experiencing life blind and death, without colours, without sounds? It can seem harsh, but if it's all just a dream what's the harm? People who can see and hear seem to think that such a person is missing something? But maybe not, maybe it's also great to experience life like that, who are we to know if we haven't experienced it ourselves. People who are blind or death from birth seem as happy as anyone else. What about experiencing pain, sorrow and negative emotions? Again it would seem harsh while others around are enjoying joy and happiness? But how can we know what joy is if we don't know what unjoy or pain is?

Almost all ancient civilisations say that our life is an illusion, the Mayans, the Egyptians etc. Maya being one that is well known, meaning illusion as I'm sure most of you know.

Well what is a dream? A temporary illusion, once you wake up it is all gone...

Then all religions describe some kind of heaven once we die? What does that mean, for me it simply means we wake up again somewhere else, whatever somewhere means.. We just wake up and the illusion is gone and we can go on trying another one again.

Well then, now that I've partly described what is common for all dreams, what else? Remember what I said above, we could dream forever and never be bored. Think about another thing that might not seem to be directly related to dreams, what do almost all spiritual teachings also have in common? Time doesn't exist!

Or life is infinite. Well if it's infinite, what can we do to enjoy infinity. Some people are actually scared of that, what would we do if time never ended or if we would never die? We would get bored? Well one thing we could do is just experience different situations and again experience other situations and so on until we've experienced it all. If there is an infinite amount of time and an infinite universe to play in where any illusion can be created, wouldn't it be the most joyful experience? Being able to experience everything and having infinity in front of you (or behind you!) to do it? Forever dreaming seems fun, at least for me!

I expect everyone reading this book to actually believe in some form of supreme being, or all encompassing energy that is all of existence, no matter what name it/this/he/she/they?? have/has or maybe it has no name, or it has all names? Well it's not important, it just is, like we just are, like the universe just is, like the planet just is, we cannot really think beyond that until we are in some way beyond what we know. Anyway, I also expect you to assume that there is more than what we see in the physical world, that we are immortal souls somewhere??? Where? It doesn't really matter. What is a soul, I don't even know, but basically somehow we are able to exist in some way or another even once we die as humans.

Well then, what do almost all great spiritual teachings nowadays also say? We are here to experience somehow to become gods, we were made in the image of god? What does that mean? What does god do? God creates from what I understood and that's about it! We are here to experience apparently how we can become creators of our own life then? Wow that seems like an interminable task! If there is that energy or something that makes all of the universe, then as we are each of us having different experiences, lets stay on earth for the moment, that all encompassing energy is also experiencing all of our experiences at the same time? Isn't it?

Then aren't we all the same, just a fragment of that all encompassing energy, just having fun being part of the testing out of an infinite amount of possible scenarios and experiences. I won't dwell much on religion, as I believe all religions lead to the same, happiness, peace, love and gratitude for the enjoyment we are having. One interesting aspect I like about Islam for example, is how Allah (or that all encompassing energy) is defined, it's just defined by attributes, the most merciful, the most compassionate, the most patient... Well it seems to makes sense to me, if there is no time, or an infinite amount of time, why wouldn't that all encompassing energy be patient, merciful, compassionate an so on, we have infinity to experience whatever we want or can, so making a mistake is not really a problem, you can try it over and over again for as long a you want. Further more what is really a mistake? It's just another experience, if you can experience it, why not try it. You will 'wake up' afterwards anyway to think about it and try something else or try it again in another illusion. Quickly speaking about Christianity, I believe hell is just a human understanding of what's beyond, if we repeatedly make mistakes! Imagine as the 'soul' behind this reality we decide we want to repeat some kind of experience until we understand that abusing someone is not good for example? We might create some sort of temporary hell because we'll have a harsh experience until we understand something out of that experience, because we might start the experience by being an abuser who has an easy life and learn out of that, somehow repent from our bad behaviour while leaving that abuser experience. BUT, maybe as an abuser we won't understand it is bad! So we might need to become the abusee to fully grasp what we set forth to learn? This will be kind of like the hindu karma or 'you reap what you sow' part... Until the lesson we set forth to learn is learnt, it might become harsher and harsher as an experience, because if we don't understand the lesson from a somewhat peaceful experience, making the experience harder and harder is the best way to at some point get it, it's like a game, in easy mode it's easy, but to fully finish the game we might have to play the extra hard mode! I'll get back to that later, that is more related to what is the purpose of life, or more precisely the rules of the illusion!

Well back to dreams! Talking about how I could try to describe life, I would say it is a nesting of illusions, within illusions, within illusions, where the only purpose is just to have fun experiencing anything and everything until you're happy and have experienced it all, if that is even possible, and then you can go back to nothingness, or completeness because you're just re-becoming energy part of all that is, and then let that all encompassing energy do what it does best, create illusions and experiences for the enjoyment of all? Maybe that's not the purpose? Maybe it is? It doesn't even matter front my point of view, it is a great system, all we have to do is enjoy all aspects of it, the rest is all taken care of for us.

But bear with me, that seems a bit too easy, how could that magnificent system work so well if every fragment of it just does whatever it wants? Well I do believe there are rules, not restrictive rules, like in examination time at school where you are not allowed to go the toilet or something like that. But rules nonetheless, rules that are very dynamic and adaptive for the well being and ever functioning of that magnificent system we are all part of. Lets try to define and identify some of them.

2. Rules of the Illusion

If we compare all religions and spiritual teachings of the world, the core teachings are always the same, do not kill a fellow human being, do not steal from a fellow human being, appreciate everyone for who they are, we are all equal, honor your parents, there is only one god, we should not envy what the other has and other similar teachings. I am forgetting some, but these are more than enough to start with. Lets consider these are rules and try to understand why.

Why shouldn't we kill someone else? This is deep I think, I believe we can actually make the mistake of killing someone else in one of our lives, but we have to realise that it will never do us any good to engage in such acts. Because if we are all a fragment of all that exists, we are killing a part of ourselves, luckily death, from the point of view in this book, will just be a dream ending for the dead person, but still, we stopped an illusion/experience of an energy that was with us to experience life as well. Maybe there are experiences where this event happens, to experience just that, death, but in the long run I think we can all agree, mindless killing is not of any use, it is just an act of mindless destruction of a part of our collective illusion. I hope I won't offend anyone now, but please bear with me, it is hard to talk about such subjects in a page of two and being able to expose all one feels about the topic of death. I know killing is bad, but if these illusions are to learn about the supposed rules of the illusion, then at some point (I mean in a succession of an infinity of life experiences) we might have all made the mistake of killing or hurting someone else? What is important here is more the lesson than the act itself, because if all is just a dream in the long run it's not so bad. But if we keep on killing and hurting without learning anything about what we did then this is really awful in my opinion, but again who am I to judge! Well these topics are hard for me to talk about, I never know where I'm going. Killing out of self defence is also something we have to address, if you let an aggressor kill you without defending yourself, then this is also somehow yourself killing yourself, because you did not resist the aggression, this is also wrong I think, if we value life, then our life is as valuable as that of anyone else, so why should we let ourselves die? What if keeping our life means having to kill the aggressor? Well, the aggressor started infringing the rules by wanting to kill someone else, so I believe there you are entitled to kill if there is no other option to avoid the fact that the aggressor overstepped on this basic rule. Anyway I don't like this subject so much, I will leave it for now, but I will have to come back to it much later, it has to be addressed properly because this one problem of defence and 'rightful' killing is affecting many parts of our planet. I prefer you first understand my view of our life properly, not that you believe I am for killing... I am not at all, I believe this last resort should be avoided at all costs any time it is possible. Killing means destroying life! There is also another point to consider, what about animals killing each others, this is also important to consider, but in a much larger point of view, considering the whole of the sphere of life we are living in. Because plants are also alive and we do need them for our human well being, ignoring animals, we have to consider that even fully vegetarian people kill plants all the time to stay alive. We have to think about what that means? Our life depends on the use of other living parts of our surroundings to keep ourselves alive, be it fauna or flora or both. Why do almost all aborigine tribes make a ritual when they kill an animal, I think it has to do with what I'll explain next. It is part of the whole that is available to us, if respected for its due contribution and place in our lives I believe killing other living parts of nature for our survival is completely normal if we do it with the respect that is deserved in the acknowledging of the rightful place at every moment of all that is around us, it is a beautiful system which seems to have only one core principle: harmony.

Let us go to another less conflicting rule, we should not steal.

Why? Well, if you know people who have gotten their house robbed you will know, it just makes the person or group of person that have been robbed feel awful. But more deeply if we are all a fragment of all that is, when we steal, we steal from a part of ourselves, from our common illusion. If we are to live in harmony, then this is completely wrong. Imagine you are listing to a classical music concert and then someone just removes all the violinists and then removes the pianists and so on, the harmony of all that melody is being destroyed or lessened in this case, it is an harmony because all parts play their part accordingly to the whole, you remove one part of the melody, you affect the whole at once. Now lets make the example a bit more complete. Lets say the violinists were to play something completely out of rhythm and tune, the place of the violinists in the whole is wrong, by being misplaced there they destroy the harmony of the original concert. Lets take now 2 concerts playing different songs in two separated rooms, harmony is nice in both rooms as long as all the players are where they need to be to play their parts. If you interchange the bassists of both concerts, you will destroy (or de-harmonize) both concerts at once. All the music players are still there, but by misplacing them from where they are supposed to be, the harmony of both concerts is still ruined, the bassists in one concert will not know what to play, because they have not practised for it and it is the same for the bassists in the other concert. So stealing from my point of view is somehow like that, you displace creations from where they are supposed to be, you break the harmony of life everytime you do that. If someone created something somewhere, it has a purpose being there, you should not remove it from there just like that. Stealing is an action of removing without the consent of the creator of that creation that is being stolen. Now lets look again at the two concerts, if between pauses you ask some pianists to interchange, it can work, because you asked them, some might say, oh I know the other play, I would love to play in it and similarly for each of the two concerts. By displacing something with the consent of the players, you do not ruin the harmony, because first these persons who know how to play the other concert have agreed to change, so the change is wilful and the interchanged players will go along in both concerts having the the experience and knowledge of why they are there and what they are supposed to do in their new positions. Whereas if you never asked them and just interchanged them, you will move some people that actually do not know what to do once they get out of their original position. Well, that's about as good as I can describe what stealing does to the illusion of life, it breaks harmony, because some creation is being displaced somewhere else without approval of the creator which made that creation for some place else. Whereas if the creator had known he/she might have been able to change the creation to actually make it fit the new situation beautifully without breaking any harmony. It could be something as simple as a TV, I mean the creator is a robot chain, but the creator of the idea of where that TV was placed, he/she has placed it there, maybe it had a reason, some evening the family would sit and see a documentary that would make them realise that they eat bad for example? Well if a robber had stolen that TV before the family had seen that program, a whole change of events has been broken, or maybe it was planned that the TV would need to be stolen! Again, this is a really crude example, I will come back to it much later once I have explained other things about life in the dream. Also having shown that example of concerts in harmony, can you see how it fits with the killing of animals or plants for our own survival I just described above? If it is done in harmony, with respect and acknowledgement that some of these lively creations might actually be there exactly for that purpose at some point in the evolution of their life, be it fauna or flora or anything else. I believe most ancient tribes perfectly knew deep within, how to respect harmony, and that's why they only killed animals when needed, not mindlessly, the ritual or even ceremony during the killing must have been exactly for that purpose, respecting harmony and thanking the whole of life around them for providing that opportunity just at a the right moment, in harmony with the whole.

Lets look at: honour your parents now.

Our parents took care of us from birth until adulthood, or at least that's how it should be. They may not be perfect in doing parenting, but who is? We all make mistakes and are still learning to better ourself until the end of our days. Our parents have tried as best as they could to teach us values of life and bring us up into this world. Being a parent is one of the most complicated experience in the world I believe, you have to try to do the best you can for the child who is growing up, while at the same time not infringing on free will. Children have to learn by themselves as well. For people who were abandoned as children, maybe it is not your parents you have to honour, but those persons you met throughout you life who tried to teach you the most important values of life you will remember forever. This topic is still a complicated one to discuss, because some of us did not have great parents, some had no parents at all, some had parents who just did not treat them well at all and the list could go on, but in a perfect world, parent should be the ones we have to honour, because they do all they can to teach us life and the main values of life as well as they can, by talking, by showing, by being the example to follow. Remember just this last phrase, in a perfect world, this is important for much later throughout this book. I know this world seems not perfect in countless aspects, that is why we are here, to learn from mistakes and errors. Some of us seem to have had it easier than others, but in my opinion I think it all fits perfectly in the big picture, just continue reading, it is hard for me to present quickly and properly a subject that takes into account so many aspects of life interwinded all within each others.

Now lets look at, we are all equal. For a rule, this one seems counter intuitive, some of us are tall some are small, some are in perfect health, some are sick, some are shy, some are confident, we seem all to be different. We have to bring in another rule to make more sense out of this one; appreciate everyone for who they are. These both together make more sense, remember how I expressed our life in the dream, if we have infinity to live and relive as many experiences as we want, maybe before some of us were the healthy ones and now are sick one and the roles changed in a new experience, because how are we to know how it feels unless we experience it? Remember what I also expressed, the only way I could know how someone else feels in their skin, would be to forget who I am and become that person for sometime, there simply is no other way around it. So the rule stating we are all equal has to be taken from a broader point of view, we are all fragments of all that exists, each experiencing different things simultaneously. From that point of view we are all equal already in the fact that we are here for an experience. Then how can the universe make sure we experience different things? There must be a whole lot of difference to be able to see what 'different' is! If we were all lets say perfectly healthy, 6 feet tall then we would have no idea what a sick person looks of feels like? Or what it feels to be 7feets tall or 5feets tall in comparison to someone else? Either everything is exactly the same, either everything is different! Look at nature around us, not one animal is the same, not one tree looks the same, not one flower is the same, fruits, rocks, humans, events... not any place on earth looks exactly the same than another place, not one planet in the solar system is the same, I'm sure it applies to stars, galaxies and many other things I cannot think of, all are different in some aspects. In that sense we are also all equal, because we're all different and experiencing the differences all together. That is why we should also appreciate everyone for who they are, or at least try as best as we can, maybe some people decided to experience this life by being annoying toward others, so that others around could see how it feels? And that this person could experience what it feels to be annoying toward everyone else? Well this might seem far fetched, and that's not the whole picture I want to depict, but it will take many more pages to form that whole picture I am trying to describe! I hope by now you agree that we are on this physical plane to experience something deeper than just the physical events of day to day life.

So we're all equals because we all share a common attribute, we're all different, aren't we? Also all equal, because we're all here to experience something? Experience thanks to the infinity of differences between all of us and all the different things on the planet. ….Also another important aspect I will come back to later is that some people believe some of us have a bigger purpose than others, I would rephrase that, we all have an important purpose, each of us, there is no difference there, we all have a part to play in the experience of life, though it can be that some have a purpose that requires more responsibility than others, that is a difference, but it doesn't mean the one with less responsibility is less important for the whole! Just a quick and rather too simple example; garbage collector is it not as important as CEO of a company? For me both are as important, the CEO might seem to have more responsibility because.....

But now wait? These rules I just described, they were expressed by humans for humans mostly, how does it apply to the whole kingdom of life around us? Fauna and Flora for sure are full of diversity, but some rules don't fit? Animals kill each others, plants live of each others, parasites disturb plants and animals... and us. What if The planet earth was also having its own experience? Trying to create harmony out of diversity and a seemingly apparent disordered chaos? What if the universe was having a grand experience? I don't think it's restricted only to us, it could be that all planets, all stars, everything in the universe is part of the experiment! Suddenly it makes everything a billion times more convoluted. I could not even start to imagine the complexity of it all, I'm laughing because I already have enough troubles with the complexity of the simple things I am trying to explain! I already can't!! It's too hard.

Anyway, since we should all agree we are part of that all encompassing energy, if it created life for us, animals, nature, could it not create some sort of life form for rocks, for planets, for stars, for everything that actually exists? Maybe that form of life is completely different from us, but it still is part of everything, part of the illusion we are in. As it is stated in many philosophers books; defining life is a challenge, because we are trying to define a process, it's not something really fixed. Well what is a process? The first definition I came upon on opening my dictionary is: a systematic series of actions directed to some ends. Well if life as a whole is a process, what is the purpose of this process? Is there any purpose? Can we find the purpose? Do we have to find a purpose?

Maybe it just is! Like the universe and energy we are bathing in, it just is there, why try to look further? Well I think we have to look further, but not that much further, I don't believe we will ever find a definite answer to the purpose of life, but we can find clues about how life is structured and just learn all that is needed from these small but valuable clues.

Looking at nature and the universe around us, gives us plenty of clues, everything in the universe follows a cycle, a cycle that never seems to end, a cycle that goes on an on forever. The earth circles around the sun, the sun circles around the galaxy, the galaxy roams around between other galaxies, maybe our universe roams around other universes? Well I cannot even imagine these things so it's best to leave it there, but looking closer to us, nature and us, we are born, we live, we die, then a new generation is born, lives and dies, plants do the same, they are born, they live and they die, animals are born, live and die, insects are born, live and die, rocks are formed, evolve and then return back deep underground and melt to reform other rocks. Actually plants do the same, new plant life strives on dead plants remains. There are only cycles around us everywhere we look! Seasons, autumn, winter, spring, summer that go on forever and never exactly the same. The clouds form out of the sea waters, rain down and go back to streams which go ultimately back to the seas. What is the only common point in all of that? It's all a temporary moment, then the cycle goes on and the temporary event is gone and a new one takes places, forever and ever. Well, aren't dreams just a temporary moment?

Everything is in a state of permanent illusion, ready to be uncreated and form a new illusion. That's why many spiritual books nowadays talk about the fact that the only moment we have is now! Everything is just an illusion, we cannot go back to a previous state of the illusion, we cannot go forward in the next state of the illusion; at least from the point of view we are stuck in, in our actual reality. Even us, when we were a baby we had some form, where is that form now that we're adults? It is gone, but it comes back ever and ever again in new generations everywhere we look around, but not for our personal cycle, our cycle goes on. We have to think what remains of the illusion of life then? Lessons, teachings, immaterial things we learned, all the rest always goes away at some point, all there is left are memories of the previous illusions; assuming we remember what we did in these illusions... And that's something I'll assume to be true. Then, in earthly terms, what remains from our memories? Think about your past, you might remember scenes, but what you remember the best is feelings, how you reacted to past events, how it felt, the beauty or ugliness of the situation, the flow of events. The rest is an illusion that is gone. Like when you wake up from a dream, the illusion is gone, only the feelings, experiences and lessons of that dream remain. That's also why I believe many spiritual teachings tell us not to get attached to material things, it is pointless, at some point everything will be gone, why hold on to it? The only things that will never go away are the feelings, emotions and lessons we learned.

It just seems to me everything is an illusion, Lets go back to nature, it is in perpetual evolution, nothing ever remains the same, it seems at first like a big chaos, we cannot really understand the profoundness of the structure there. Lets look at a wild forest, trees grow in every direction, plants cover up the soil in all directions, animals feed of these plants, make nests in some trees, use plants for shelter, animals then eat each others to survive sometimes, some animals eat plants only, other animals eat animals. I cannot even comment on the complexity of the tiny world under it all, insects, there are billions of them in every forest, all do something on their own, some insects fight together, other insects feed on the rests of animals that died or were partly eaten by other animals. Dead animals, plants, insects serve as compost for the new plants and trees. If we think about a forest that way, it just is all an immensely complex system, not even mentioning it is linked with all the nature around... It is so complex! Why does it keep working so well while it looks somehow like a mess? Anyhow, no matter how complex and messy it seems when looking at all events separately, when we look at a forest as a whole, we just see beauty, harmony not forgetting that it feels so nice walking through there.

The example of nature is just great, because we can all agree nature is just beautiful in its simplicity. Yet to arrive to that beauty nature is regulated by an immense, even maybe infinite amount of cycles, within cycles, within other nested cycles, that just all fit perfectly together, even though we cannot even figure out all the details of it. Many scientists spend their whole life studying just one animal or insect or plant and at the end of their lives they still would have enough material to study for another thousand years. You just cannot ever get to the end of it.

Life in nature is following some evident rules it seems! It cannot go on with this beauty forever without rules that make all the cycles perfectly fit together. However I believe these rules are rules we cannot put into words, like human rules. But these are rules of life we have to follow nonetheless. Because it works; there is a deep sense of beauty and coherence embedded within these rules.

So, what are the rules?

I believe it can be all merged into one single word I already expressed earlier: Harmony. That's the only rule in my opinion, but a very deep one, because how do we understand what to do to respect this harmony? It is infinitely complex, how can we understand all the rules of nature and life itself? This is impossible! We do not have to understand them, that's the key, we have to understand that in all events throughout our experience in this illusion we are guided to follow these rules even while not understanding them. We don't understand how nature works in its whole, we don't understand how the universe works in its whole, we don't understand so many things! How can we follow these rules if we cannot even understand them correctly and completely?

Well, first thing, is that I believe there are infinite ways of following this harmony, there is not just one clear cut way to follow, that's human thinking, nature doesn't seem to work like that, it adapts every situation to everything around the situation. It is a self structuring harmony if you will. So that's already a relief, we are allowed to make some mistakes before finding one of the right ways to do it, by the mistakes we do, usually nature and the succeeding events will provide the clues on how to improve, there is a sort of self improving feedback loop available to all of us at any moment. Intent is the most important factor here, intending to work in harmony with all around us, I think sets the way for events to fall in motion all around to guide us in what we want to do. As long as the benevolent wilful intent of doing something in harmony with the rest is there, I think we will all do just fine. Like the example of the two musical concerts, if we wilfully move someone to some other place, well, in the example above the musicians needed to know the music not to break the harmony; but if the whole harmony itself adapts to the new incoming player wanting to learn, this can also work, it might not be instant perfect harmony, but the harmony will eventually unfold.

So? How would we go about following these unknown rules of harmony more precisely? I guess an easy way is by copying what works first, why change something if it works already. That's how we learn a lot of things, by practising and copying the knowledge of someone else, or in the previous case, copying what nature does, if it's about plants and natural life. However I think there is a more subtle but much more profound way of following the harmony, it is by using our intuition more and more.

Lets talk a bit about intuition, have you ever had situations where you had a hunch to do something, but did not act upon that hunch because of fear? Did you regret it afterwards? I most certainly did, a countless number of times. Why do we fear? Because we don't know what comes after that first action, we prefer naturally to remain in a state/place which we are used to and where it feels safer. As a general rule, humans do not like change! And that is the main problem to overcome I believe, look at nature, a constant flow of ever changing events, it never stays the same, it adapts and adapts forever on. The only way to keep this harmony, like nature does, is by not resisting change, or going with the flow as it is so often stated, else we are trying to hang onto an illusion that will fade away whether we want it or not, so we might as well go along with it. If we want to stay in harmony, follow that harmony and help the natural harmony to remain harmonious, we have to change and change all the time, that's the way of life all around us, even looking at planets and stars, everything is constantly changing, nothing stays fixed; it is a self evolving and self restructuring harmony. As I wrote earlier, our life is just a succession of illusions that pass by as quickly as they were created, holding onto a past illusion is not the way to go to follow the harmony of the universe, going with the flow of the ever changing illusion is the only way to go, because the illusion changes all the time because we are all experiencing it together and hence also affecting it at the same time all together.

However, I understand, it is easier said than done. There are so many seminars, talks and conferences in companies and industries all around the world to train people to cope with change. But why should we cope with change? That's a really bad way of defining it, because coping with change means that at some level we are afraid of it, we force ourselves to accept and cope with it, but it still doesn't mean we embrace change naturally. The best way is to let go of fear and just accept change. That's somehow what this book is about.

How do we let go of the fear of change?

Well, if you can fully accept that life is an illusion and that at some point the illusion will just end to start over in a new illusion, over and over again. It is a safe place to be in, like a dream, you just go with whatever happens in the dream and then wake up in a safe place once the illusion is over and you can start dreaming again. Where in that process do you have to fear anything, except maybe in the dream of life, temporarily? That's also why I believe there is just heaven, nothing else, you might experience some kind of a hellish situation, but it's just temporary, an experience in an illusion out of the infinite amount of dreams and illusions you will go through while living eternally in a system that has no beginning and no end. A system, that just is, was and ever will be. A beautiful system just made for the pleasure of experiences, be they good or bad, if you just wake up after each and every illusion into a place where time and space do not exist as we experience them on earth, then bad or good is just an experience, there is absolutely nothing to fear. But I just said earlier; like a dream, you just go with whatever happens in the dream and then wake up? Really? Wouldn't it be even more fun actually knowing you are in your own dream or illusion, then you can actually influence the whole dream? But to do that you have to realize what are the rules of the illusion, well as I just described, looking around us it seems quite obvious, harmony between all parts of the illusion, that's all. Because if you do not realize the rules, the rules will force you ever and ever again to comply with them, if you like it or not, they are just rules for the harmonious existence of the illusion.

So, Change and not breaking the Harmony; that's all and as we went previously over some human rules, stealing impacts on the harmony, killing impacts on the harmony. Then the last important aspect we also went over was realising that all parts of the illusion are equal in their differences, just here to play out some scenario and experience it while mixed with other experiences.

How the harmony of the illusion is kept no matter the changes is beyond our understanding I think, like how nature adapts to everything. That being said, we humans say we've destroyed the planet, well we did quite a bit, but nature would find how to restructure itself over all the existing mess we created without any problems I believe, even if it means making all humans die. And that's the big issue, we as humans want to save nature, but nature can save itself and it will if we don't get along harmoniously, nature might just erase us to restore itself, we are our own problem, nature is fine, that's why we, humans, are afraid of destroying the nature because to restore itself it might destroy us if needed, nature doesn't need us to sustain itself, but we need our planet to sustain ourselves, that's why we should take care of fitting righteously into the harmony of it all instead of abusing our provider of life. Whatever needs to happen to restore the harmony will happen if it is needed for the purpose of the illusion! But it doesn't mean it has to happen either! It is a perpetually changing illusion, anything can happen, if there are infinite ways of keeping harmony, then nothing is really impossible. We as creators and experimenters in the illusions can change everything and return the harmony in countless ways.

So what is the illusion for? I believe it is there for us to learn these rules properly, the rules that keep harmony in the system that creates all of existence at every levels. Because I do believe that at a higher, formless level of existence, the only thing that could remain similar to what we experience now, are emotions, emotion is the only thing that cannot be described from any point of view, it has no form, it just is, and at a higher level I believe the only thing that keeps everything together is harmony between the emotions of all fragments that compose the all encompassing energy. So, once that we've learnt all the rules properly throughout our physical illusions experiences, mainly having to understand how to keep our emotions and hence actions harmonious with everything else, we can simply go out of the illusion and become the next step of our evolution, I can't tell for sure what it is, but I think since it could be out of an illusion, it can only be formless, no more form, just energy mixed within other energies all in harmony together, helping create illusions for the learning experiences of other energies that are experiencing illusions. I would say that this formless form is what we call our higher selves or angels. The parts of us that guide us through this illusion we are experiencing here. Implications of what I just described could also mean, that some higher evolved souls, having learnt all the rules of harmony and residing in a formless state of existence, can still choose to materialize again in an illusion to help others experiencing in that illusion to understand what the purpose of this illusion we call physical life is. Or maybe just for the fun of experiencing it again? Maybe a soul can chose to experience life as a group of flowers, or try to coordinate physical events between animals? There is an infinite amount of possibilities, anything can happen or be tried, like what we could do with video games!

3. The player and the character

To continue describing life as we know it on earth I will have to turn it into some kind of a computer game. That is the only way that will allow me to describe countless numbers of scenarios, situations and interactions, I apologize in advance, it will become somewhat complicated until you get used to the basic definitions of the game I will describe, but I cannot find an 'easier' solution. You may or may not be familiar with a game called, SIMS? Just as a side observation, it is one of the computer games that has been sold the most. For those who do not know the game, I will explain it very simply, I won't dwell much into the original game itself, because it is not how I want to play it here. The basic point of the game is that you start with a family living somewhere and you have to make them take appropriate actions so that their life goes well, for the whole family and even the surrounding neighbourhood which can be played by other players. To make them take appropriate actions you have some rights to change things in the surroundings or directly force the members of the family to act such and such ways in some cases.

This game has no real end, it can be played forever and situations will change and other scenarios to play can be created. Isn't it interesting that this game has been one of the most played games in the world? It seems some of us like games that simulate scenarios of life, even if virtual. That's exactly the same as an illusion!

So in our case lets make our game, more or so similar to the game I just described. First, we humans are the characters in the game, then the player of the game is some intelligent energy that is outside of the reality of the game, we, human characters inside the game cannot perceive the player directly, ever, at least while we're in the game. Lets make things more complicated! There can be an infinite number of players all sitting next to each other in some kind of a huge room, that also means that all players are able to know what the other is doing, then naturally each of these players are also 'controlling' one or many characters in the game. Then what else?

Lets say that the players can program the way the characters will react to different situations, they can program the starting character's character, shy, proud, happy, sad and a mixture of loads of other persona traits. Lets say also that each player can program some predetermined events that will happen throughout the life of these characters, these predetermined events and their consequences are way beyond human understanding, by that I mean that there can be millions or even trillions and more events prepared in advance linked to billions of other characters in the game, from which the character will evolve. We can picture it by some sort of a maze in which there are almost infinite ways to take to travel through the maze, with ways crossing each others all the time, the character can roam through one way, then an event will lead it back to another way which can lead him/her back to the previous way again etc.

Now add into the game that the characters way of thinking will evolve based on any event that happens to them, this is also considering all the events which are created by all other players as well. Then add to the characters a bit of random thinking, freewill, characters can react in unexpected ways to events, in ways that even the player cannot predict from the original programming and from happening interactions throughout the game with all other player's characters.

Well, that makes the game already quite complicated for the players! We'll now add rules that the players must respect, the players are in the knowledge of the underlying rules of the game, which have to be respected, else the game breaks down for every player involved. This rule we will naturally call, you might have guessed? Harmony. The players also have to accept that the playing field of the game (here earth) is also a player that has its own rules, that respects the general rule of harmony; generally the 'earth' player is in charge of creating the environment for all the other players to play in. Thus the 'earth' player which I'll refer to as earthyer, is also playing its own game within the game with predefined events and another hierarchy of characters (animals, plants, soil, rocks etc.) which have to exist for the other humanoid players to be able to play the game. For the moment we consider earthyer as a single entity, but in later parts of the book we will have to consider earthyer as an enormous group of players also coordinating themselves in harmony to create the global earthyer.

Then we could also consider other 'planets' players like earthyer representing other environments for other players to play games on, keeping in mind that the players playing on different 'planet' environments are still all in the same room and earthyer is also in the same room as well as the other 'planet' players. Basically all players of the game, whichever part they play, are all in the same room playing together.

Then we could add 'star' players, representing the Sun and other starts and players representing the galaxy. But for the moment we will just stay with the earthyer and the players on earthyer game field, it is already far too complicated like that.

Lets make a list to be sure all the basic details are understood.

First the players of the game:

Then the characters rules:

Okay, that is enough to get us started. Lets assume also two other very important factors. Firstly, the players of the game are not affected by time, they can, if we can say so, pause the game and examine anything that would happen in the future of the game, considering the actual way of thinking and reacting to events of the characters at the actual point of the game. Thus they would be able to change some events of the game to affect a future outcome, but this outcome still never accounts for the freewill of characters which can change the outcome in unexpected ways, thus players can not exactly predict future events even though they can foresee the future potentials in the game. Not forgetting that all other players also have that uncertainty for their own characters.

Secondly, something that is inherent in this game is that characters of one player can be predisposed to interact with characters of other players for the happening of a future event. Hence the roles of the characters from all the different player are all interwinded in the game. Some events for example can be set to happen only after the interaction of many different characters in a somewhat properly defined way, even though the interaction pattern between different characters might seem completely random for the characters in the game.

I hope you see where I'm going with the description of that game?

I wanted to approximately apply the basic rules we have defined in the previous chapter, on a game that involves us human beings, the characters in the game, which are influenced in our interactions here by intelligent energies that are outside of our perception and is perceived by us characters as intuition. There are still many thing I want to add to this game to make it more complete, because we are still missing many aspects here to make the game resemble our physical life, I will add these new parts of the game as we go along. Lets call the game: Dream. Then the characters in the game are: Living the Dream. From which comes the title of this book.

This game is a dream, because characters are not really real if we consider this a game, once the game is over the characters will cease to exist, the illusion, the dream will be gone, but the players of the game will still be there, somewhere, wherever it is and they will have learnt new experiences out of that game.

Though in some way the characters are or were real, because they were created for a purpose, they were part of the experience of the players game. So the characters are as important as the players and as the game itself, remember the game has a purpose, which is about learning the only rule that really seems to matter: harmony.

Just as a side note, this game I present has been oversimplified to the maximum. Because the complexity starts much earlier if I can say so. I mean before humans, before animals, before plants the basis of it all are bacteria, I cannot even imagine how many are just on earth alone. Biological life depends on bacteria since birth. Maybe there is an intelligent energy behind these too, other players within earthyer, regulating that microscopic world in some way or another. This is just too complex, I cannot even begin to think about DNA and RNA present by billions in every single bacteria and biological cell. Also the relation between all these bacteria and all raw materials; potassium, magnesium, selenium, chromium, copper, silver, zinc, gold, sodium, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc. All that is just too complex for me, I will not attempt to go into such details in this book, but it must be noted, the natural harmony that exists around us is immensely complex from tiniest things to the infinitely big things. I cannot even begin to phantom the complexity of atoms in all that!

Which brings me back to a previous point I talked about, how can we humans know how to go along with the harmony present if it is too complex for our understanding. Well, as I said, I think this can be simply achieved by listening to our intuition which comes from outside or within, whichever way you prefer, it is out link with the players that know how we can follow the harmony harmoniously. This is the last detail, but of utmost importance in the game I describe. The human characters in the game cannot directly communicate with the players, and players cannot force the characters to act in certain ways, except how they were 'programmed' to act. However I think the players can influence the characters in the most subtle way that exists, that is, by intuition. If we think about it, it is impossible for us humans to determine if a thought that goes through our head is due to our own thinking or something else? It could be that some thoughts that pop up in our heads are actually of an outside influence or an influence from within, e.g. the player of the game trying to contact the character. But then it is up to the character to recognize these occurrences. To quote a saying (

Be diligent in your search for greater Understanding and Knowing, and the rewards you seek WILL come.  Anything TRULY worth doing will be challenging and cause you to stretch.

These intuitions often arise in moments that are challenging for the character and acting upon them requires trust by the character, knowing that he/she is guided at all times. Easier said than done! But this is exactly what I also said before, to follow the ever changing harmony we have to change, constantly, that also means changing our thoughts and let go of fear that tries to keep us in a safe place, because if everything is just a dream, it is always safe after all.

4. Events in my personal life and personal ramblings

Before starting the game I will describe some events that happened in my personal life, I believe many people would not have realised these events happened for a reason. I asked for the events to happen!

I was twenty one years old when these two events happened. I was in the beginning of the awakening of my life, it was a period where I learned a lot about how we materialize things in this world just by thinking about them. But these events materialized in ways I would never have expected! It took me almost another year to realize the profoundness of these events and I am sure I still haven't found the complete meaning of these events.

It was during the summer and I had 3 car accidents in less than 2 months. The first accident was a major one I would say in terms of material, but no one was hurt. I was on an express road driving around 110km/h with another friend and we were going to Italy for some holidays. We were about 3 hours away from home, it was the night and the road was not lit, the sky overcast, so it was quite dark out there. At some point on the express way we saw something strange apparently standing in the middle of the way. The time we saw it and the time I had to react was less than 2 seconds since it was an express way and I was driving around 110km/h. The road had two lanes I was on the right lane and that thing was right in the middle of my lane, it turned out that it was a person under heavy influence of drugs wearing black clothes walking in the middle of the lane. I had no time to really realise what was happening, I just turned suddenly to the left while braking to avoid him, then I lost slowly the control of the car and ended up hitting the barrier in the middle of the road with the front and left side of the car. I had managed to slow down enough so that the shock was totally harmless for us, but the left front side of the car was quite affected. During the little seconds that elapsed while I lost the control of the car, the only thought I had in mind was: please let the accident be not too bad so that we can carry on for the holidays, since it was just the beginning! I did not even think about getting us hurt, that thought was out of my head, somehow I already knew we were safe. That was my first realisation. Anyhow, continuing with the accident, after we had hit the barrier the car could still drive, so we carried on just some hundred metes ahead there was a petrol station, so we stopped there and went out to warn the people working there to call the police and tell them that someone is walking in the middle of the road! This is really a dangerous behaviour, for the person walking and for drivers that might come after us on the road. Meanwhile, while waiting for the police which said would arrive in the nest 5 minutes, we hoped no one would be driving on the road. We looked at the damages on the car. The left front side was badly damaged, the hit just displaced the battery, but it was not damaged at all and still perfectly holding in its place even if the place had moved. The lights at the front of the car was also destroyed but just exactly stopping where the light bulbs are! None of the light bulbs were broken, not even the blinking light which had been pushed more inward but was still perfectly working. The barrier we hit was exactly just above the top of the wheel, so the left front wheel was also perfectly fine. Makes me wonder how that could have happened so perfectly, the metal body of the car was pushed inward by more than 20cm but no light bulbs were damaged, no electric contacts affected, the battery had just moved from it's normal position but was still holding fine. Even the lights still had half of the transparent plastic remaining just enough to protect them from the light rain that was starting to rain down and could have caused electrical short circuits. Not forgetting the petrol station stop that was just some hundred meters away.

So the car seemed all fine to continue driving on our trip that had just started. While waiting for the police, the guy that we avoided actually passed through the petrol station we had stopped in. That's how we knew it was a drugged up person, he told us: “hey have you seen the train, it just drove past me”. The guy didn't even know he was walking of the road? There the accident affected my car, so my friend and the guys at the petrol station did not understand my behaviour, because I just did nothing, I tried to slow him down so that he wouldn't carry on walking on the road before the police came to pick him up, I just did so by asking him random questions. My friend and the other guys at the station told me if it had been them who were the drivers they would have beaten up the poor guy. Personally I was just happy he seemed all right, that I didn't hurt him back there and that no one was hurt. Really having on my conscience the fact that I killed someone or seriously injured someone, is something I would have troubles to be at ease with! Continuing, the guy just carried on walking as if nothing had happened, though we managed to delay him of some minutes, so the police arrived as he was just at the exit of the station. I quickly told the police what had happened, they made a note of it and then went on to catch the guy. That was the end of that story, we stayed a little more time at the station checking the car to be sure everything was all right and taking a small hot chocolate offered by the station owner and then went ahead to continue on our way to Italy. Everything was perfectly fine except the car didn't look nice.

That is about it for the car crash, I did not really bother thinking about the incident that much afterwards, I was just happy no one was hurt and it was just some damages on the car that would be taken care of by the insurance in the near future after the end of the holidays. The holidays were very nice and we had a unusual story to tell to everyone.

That accident still made me think quite a lot about things, what could I have done different, or what would I do if it happens again. Well thinking about accidents made me have two other relatively small accidents the next month after we had gotten home. One was really minor, a truck made a scratch on the car in a parking lot and it annoyed me because I saw the truck scratching the car from afar, I tried running after the truck to tell them but they drove away too quickly. Then the third accident happened just the next week next to my home. We have a road to go out of the village I live in that is next to a forest and there are sometimes dears, foxes and other animals crossing the road. Well since that first big accident I always had a worry in head, what if I cross the way of a wild pig, that could cause grave damages to the car once again.

It turns out I hit a dear that just jumped in front of my car, I had no way of avoiding it as it literally jumped on the car just as I passed by. I tried to swerve to not drive over it as it was under the car, but no luck I drove over it quite badly. After stopping the car to go check I had another realisation, I was so focussed on me and the car accident and the damages it would cause to the car, I had completely omitted the most important aspect of such a crash! Which is killing a living being. At that point the damages on the car were the least of my worries and in fact the car had little to no damage anyway. But I had killed a dear, that made me feel really sad deep inside. I was devastated by the idea that I had just thought about accidents and the material damages to the car, I had not even considered that the accident could mean killing someone or an animal. Again I don' know what nature did this time, but we went to check the dear with my friends who were in the car and it seemed pretty dead, no heart beat, just sporadic nervous reflexes, so we just moved it to the side of the road. Then on the way back ten minutes later the dear had disappeared from the place we had put it on the side of the road. It is still a mystery for me? Was the dear still alive or was it taken away by another animal to be eaten? It was gone ten minutes later from the place we had put it, that's one sure fact. And it jumped in front of my car in a way I could never have avoided, it seemed the event was planned!

Anyway since these 3 consecutive accidents I never again had a single other accident on the road, I hope it is because I understood the purpose of these accidents. Now I'll explain more in details my personal analysis of these events, in my opinion they happened for a purpose, I had a lot to learn from these accidents. And I still have not told you what happened with the first major accident where I destroyed the front left side of the car and made scratch on the whole left side of the car, that happened because I wished for it! You will see, I'll keep that for the end of the story!

The last two accidents after the first big crash I think happened because I was so focussed on the idea of accidents that I created events for them to happen, or more precisely my higher self, the player of the game did set up events in my life to make it happen, because it was an idea that roamed around my head for so many weeks and so vividly that I was asking for these events to happen. But I learned from these last two accidents, I was so focussed on the fact that if big accidents happen that could destroy the car even more, I would have troubles paying for any repairs needed. I think I was also focussed on the hopelessness one can feel after accidents where there is nothing there to prevent it from happening and also that in the end I would have to pay the repairs by myself. Basically fear, materialistic fear! For example the small scratch that the truck made on the car and that I could not catch the truck by running, had I been more clever I would have tried to remember the plate of the truck, which I could clearly see and that would have made me feel less hopeless in that situation. As for the third accident with the dear, it was very obvious afterwards that I was so focussed on the material side of things that I had completely discarded from my mind that an accident meant that I could hurt someone or get hurt. Now This reinforced something I clearly know but forgot temporarily, life, is much more important than money matters, which can become very difficult sometimes but not life threatening, a piece of paper with a digit on it or a number on a computer is not something that is life threatening!

Now, the best for the end, about the first crash, it took some months to get it sorted with the insurance, get an expert to look at the damages, find a mechanic etc. but everything went smoothly and in the end I had to pay a 300€ franchise for damages that were worth more than the entire value of the car. The repairs actually included changing everything on the left side, the two doors, the rear bumpers, the body at the back and at the front, the head lights etc. The whole left side was changed for just 300€. Then many many months later I realised the left side of the car was brand new, all the previous tiny scratches were gone, from stupid parking mistakes and scratching poles and stuff like that. That was my solution! I had actually thought for more than six months before the accident about finding a way to fix all the tiny scratches that were all on the left side of the car that I had made all the previous years and I always thought about how to find a way of getting everything fixed for 300€ maximum, but I never knew how to make it happen! I thought having a premeditated accident would be the only way, but I would never trust myself to set such a fake event just to claim insurance. There it happened, I could never have figured out the solution would come in this fashion, but the solution to my problem happened, in a completely unexpected way, while also being exactly the idea I had in my mind when thinking about the problem. While also teaching me other very valuable lessons in the process, the value of life much more important than money. Well this story has to do with money, sure, but what is important is the thought here, I wanted to get everything fixed for 300€ maximum and it happened. But noticing these occurrences requires calmness, patience and trust, because I believe many other people in my situation might have never made the link between their previous wishes and the events that unfolded, it seems unrelated, it's not the human way of doing things! After that single experience I was even more convinced that solutions to some of our problems can materialize if we wish them to happen, but usually it happens in unexpected ways, that's what we have to watch out for! The events that happen are actually just a reflection of our thoughts, sometimes we want something but we don't know how to make that something happen, or even if we know how to make it happen we personally are unable to put all the events in motions to get it done the way we wish. This is where the player of the game takes control and sets up things in motion to make it happen, but then, we, the characters, have to notice these events and realise that they happened because we actually wished for these events to happen. We don't know all the steps to go through to make things happen, but we should trust that the player of the game is setting things up to make it happen. Most often it involves the faculty of letting go of the fear of the unknown and unexpected events! We might even actually think about a plan all the way and know all the steps we should go through to achieve that plan, but our plan will be bound by human rules of doing things, whereas the player is not limited by that, the player or players of the game can make our wishes come true must faster than we would ever have dreamed possible, by playing with interactions in the game that are way beyond our understanding and thought process. Frankly about that car accident, not in my wildest dream would I have imagined a way of making my wish happen by having this big car crash like the one I had, it doesn't make sense, at least not for me!

This event thought me a very important lesson about abundance. Abundance is just a mindset, knowing that you can get anything you want when you want it, or even it seems to happen when you need it. I'm sure you all know, many books are written about these topics, how we have to focus our thoughts on what we want to happen. But our thoughts are vague, this is very important to remember. Like how the writer of 'chicken soup for the soul' ended up selling his book, it is described in the movie 'The Secret'. It's not very similar to my story, but the whole process is the same, opportunities happen that you have to catch! Jack Canfield wanted to get money, to get hundred thousand dollars in a year, but didn't know how. He thought then about a month later that he had written a book and that if he could sell 400000 copies of his book at a quarter each he would achieve his goal for the year. As it said in the movie exactly at that point (47min), when you have an inspiring thought you have to trust it and act on it. But then as Jack says, he didn't know how to sell so many copies the book, but then in a supermarket he saw the National Enquirer and thought if readers knew about his book then it would probably increase the awareness for his book. And then six weeks later after giving a talk in a New York college and then at the end of the talk a lady approached him and it turns out she wrote many articles for the National Enquirer.

I won't finish the story, watch the movie if you want, the point here is again one single thought: if the readers of the National Enquirer knew about my book it would increase awareness. That's when the player of the game sets up events more precisely to make that wish come true. It is very similar to my wish to repair my car for a little amount of money. The events just were set in motion to make it happen even though we do not know exactly how to make it happen, the events can unfold to make it happen and rather quickly! They call it the law of attraction. It makes sense, our thoughts attract what we want in life, almost exactly what we want. But often it will happen in ways we could not predict, beyond our understanding and beyond our human way of planning events and I will repeat myself, these are the events we have to notice and act upon, the events that come out seemingly out of the blue, that's the player of the game having fun and setting these events up for us, we just have to notice them. This is real abundance! Abundance is not about money, it is about getting what you need when you need it, it goes way beyond materialistic needs. For example you don't need money to travel if somehow you get invited to travel for free. The first definition of abundance I found when looking on internet is: an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply! It's all said here! It's about having everything and anything you need at your disposal and as I understand it this goes much deeper than just materialistic abundance. It's about having the situation you need to unfold when you need it, no matter how it comes into existence, the player of the game takes care of that if we just trust and go with the flow of harmony.

I am digressing, I was supposed to talk about events in my personal life! In fact let me make a short summary of my life from the point where I started university at 18. I have been guided to better myself ever since, the guidance actually started before that, when I was about 16. At that age my mum invited me to attend a seminar called 'the Silva method' where we learn to use our brains more effectively. My mother used to talk to me about that for many years already and I always thought it was something weird, it didn't make sense to me. At that time I was purely scientific in my mind, I thought everything could be explained scientifically, no ghosts, no spirits etc. even though I actually feared ghosts when I was kid! But that's another story, I have to write a book to explain it all from my childhood! Anyway, I was scientific, maths oriented, but nonetheless I never discarded from my mind that invisible phenomena could happen, simply based on what I saw with electromagnetic telecommunications, we don't see them yet it allows communications over long distances. Electromagnetic communications depend on photons, e.g. light, except that it is at a frequency that we cannot see with our eyes, but I always thought other parts of our body might react to them, well now I know our body reacts to loads of EM radiations, but I did not know all that at the age of 16. I knew X-ray interfered with our bodies and could cause cancer, I knew dogs, bats and other animals could hear sounds we humans could not perceive, so I was opened to the idea that since our brain generate small amounts of electricity they could be affected by EM radiations and our whole body similarly. Also by sounds above our normal range of hearing or magnetic fields and any other energies like these.

So my mum invited me to that seminar, I was reluctant to go at first, I remember vividly that I accepted her invitation even though I did not want to go, because I thought I would learn nothing out of it, it was just spiritual mumbo jumbo stuff. There I had revelations! Well first I learned nice techniques to have much better grades at school in some subjects I did not particularly enjoy back then, like history, I learned how to remember facts much more easily by using associations, but the most life changing events I had, were small exercises where we were asked to try to figure out past health problems of our partners. It seemed just like my imagination was throwing off random thoughts in my head, but these random thoughts turned out to be right about 8 times out of ten, as far as I'm concerned. I could tell someone had an injury on their shoulder, someone had a intestines problems, even though I did not know the name of these disorders etc. Most other participants had similar results! These exercises alone were eye opening for me, they changed my outlook on life, from now on I knew the brains of humans can communicate, I had my personal proof, which I actually never intended to have when I accepted to go to that seminar, I thought I would just waste my time. More precisely, the brains of humans don't communicate, it's just that each of us has access to any information about anyone else, somehow we are all one. Anyway, moving on, then I remember the next start of school year, school had just started for one week, another life changing event happened, the World trade center attacks! That led me to look at prophecies online, I was terrified of what the future would hold, based on the lies perpetuated on internet I thought it was the Antichrist that was the culprit, whatever or whoever the Antichrist was... But more importantly these events lead me to read tons of other prophecies, the Hopi prophecies, the Mayan prophecies, Nostradamus writings and other prophecies I cannot remember the name of. Then slowly I drifted to reading apparently communications of Extraterrestrials. Ok, now I will not further describe all that, it's for another book I suppose? What is important here is that these specific events had a huge impact on my life. It's different for everyone I'm sure, but we all had life changing events in our life, collective events and individual events. That for me is what the players of the game, our higher selves are setting up in our lives. This is so complicated to explain, I feel energy rushing through me as I write these words listening to Beethoven symphony No. 9 even this moment I'm writing these lines feels already planned. Life is beautiful.

I should go back to the subject, back to when I started university at 18 now when I arrived at university I was full of ideas but also full of behavioural fears if I can describe it like that. I always had friends, but I still never had much self-confidence. So again something happened, I don't remember how, I must have been looking for information on internet about how to improve my behaviour, let go of irrational fears that impede my behaviour and I ended up finding about a program of bineural sounds to somehow force meditative states, which in the long run would slowly allow me to address core subconscious issues of my behaviour. A rather big problem I had was with girls, I never really knew how to approach girls and it seems strange because I have loads of photos from when I was 12 to 18 when I look at them I had met many girl friends, but never a real girlfriend. Anyway, I started using that program of bineural beats; the way it works, is by synchronising both hemispheres of the brain, which is what happens when we meditate. Over time that synchronising permits unconscious problems to pass over to our conscious mind and hence we have to confront the problems as they arise. I remember two such events vividly. One was that when I was probably 6-7 years old there was a game we played at school as kids where boys chase girls and if they manage to touch one, the girl has to stop and then the boy asks the girl either for a gentle touch, a kiss on the cheek or a kiss on the mouth. Well I touched a girl and asked for a kiss on the mouth and the girl slapped me instead! I didn't remember that event, but if it arose from my unconscious mind many months after starting that program of bineural sounds. That was one irrational fear behaviour I had uncovered thanks to that program. Another was more crazy if I could say, I got punched by a random guy on the street with another friend when I was in my second year of university. I remember that event very clearly, I actually had a long thought process go in my mind as I let the guy punch me without really doing anything to avoid the punch, I thought I had always been scared of being punched so I let the guy punch me in the face just to face my fear and it turns out it didn't hurt me at all. I actually smiled as he had punched me and just walked away without saying anything... Well that made the guy even more mad but he didn't follow up, I think he was scared since he did actually not even manage to induce any fear in me. Well this guy also has his own issues to solve, you don't go punching some random person without any reason? But I cannot deal with that, they are his issues, if he was my friend I would have tried to help, or was open to help I would have tried, but hey I was still learning about my own life at that point I hadn't figured out as much as what I'm writing now back then. Also the other friend who was with me is a person that attracts bad events when he's not in a good mood, he taught me a lot about how instantaneously events can manifest when you are in a bad mood, he had an energy so strong he could manifest good or bad events very quickly based on his mood. Anyhow the point I want to get to, is after that I wrote an email to the support of the bineural program I was following to ask them what it meant, I do not remember exactly what I wrote, but it was similar to what I described here, I faced my own fear by letting the man punch me, because in the past I had been bullied two or three times and that had affected me a lot when I was young so this event was somehow correcting for these previous events where I was controlled by fear; whereas when that guy punched me I was in control even though I was being punched. So going back to the email I wrote, in the reply I got they explained me that this was good event and I acted in a good way even though it seems counter intuitive, but what really stuck in my head was that the lady who was replying to my email told me I was probably an indigo child. That reply alone led me again to expand my vision on life by a great deal, I spent months on internet and looked what indigo children were etc. It turns out I have many characteristics, but that's not important here. By the way I think now all the children being born in the world are indigo, they are born with a different attitude to life, that is why the educational system fails more and more, why the old ways of authority fail more and more, as with me. You cannot tell me that I cannot do something without explaining why! These were the methods in the past, parents reprimanding their children and telling them not to act like this and that without giving any proper reason other than: that's how it is. It doesn't work with indigo children, we need reasons and explanations that make sense.

Again I'm fading away from the subject, I again have material to write another book here! Going back to my life, as the months and years passed I was starting to get more and more inclined toward the spiritual side of life, I am still scientific at heart, I was studying electronics and computer programming, now physics. But science for me means much more, from Latin, scientia, meaning "knowledge", it means just learning more and for me, objective and subjective experiences are as important. As I know more and more about the scientific point of view I also simultaneously search more and more about the spiritual side of things, because one is more objective and the other is more subjective. I realise that many things remain completely unexplained in physics! No one knows what a magnetic field is, we know how it interacts, what causes it to exist, but unlike electromagnetic waves which are photons travelling, magnetic fields are made of nothing? Many other fundamental aspects of physics remain completely unexplained. Our understanding of the world is based on understanding how these various elementary energies, light, magnetism, electricity, sound, gravity interact, but we still have not a single clue about why all these energies exist or where they 'come from'? Maybe we will never know? But since the basics of physics are a mystery, why shouldn't I be interested in spiritual teachings and paranormal phenomena, like telekinesis, telepathy, science might not be able to explain it, but why should I care, science cannot explain a lot of other things too. Maybe science can't explain some things, because they are subjective experiences! Experiences that depend on us, the observer! This is a fundamental part of the theory of quantum mechanics and it is widely accepted, but no one really pays attention to what it really means for all our life events! Basically, if a particle of light is sent on a vertical slit, it can either go left or right and the observer by wanting to see it go right or left will determine where the particle will go! Without an observer, there is an equal probability for the particle to go either way, but the observer voids that probability when observing, he determines exactly which direction the particle will go. This is very important and is a proven phenomena and applies to any subatomic particle. Imagine that in big! Any particle, electron, photon, etc. is likely to go in any direction at certain events, but if an observer watches these events he can decide where the particle will go! Apply that rule to everything around us, naturally it is too complicated for us to think, what if the particle does that and the other does that etc. There are trillions of things anywhere around us, but our brains being as complicated as they are could easily know how to affect all the trillions of events around properly, to match our observations with our thoughts at any moment. These events become subjective events, many things cannot be explained just with words, images, sounds; feelings/emotion are as important and then our minds make us visualize the world in a unique way that depends completely on the observer!

The more my life goes on the more I find my awareness expanding, all things are related, the more you learn, practice, the more dots you can connect between seemingly unrelated topics. Also the more you learn and practise, the better you become at learning and practising, it's a never ending circle. I count sports and physical work too as important, when you learn to cook, to paint, to cut wood, to solder metals, to take care of plants you become better at everything in the same time, all skills are transferable. This is an amazing process, the more you learn about history, maths, philosophy, ancient religions, learning different languages, etc. You become better at everything at the same time it becomes easier and easier to learn other things. The more sports you become good at the more sports you will be able to become good at. And maths, physics, philosophy, languages etc. can also help you become better at some sports. Seems weird for some, but basically whatever new you learn, it will become useful in many other domains over time as you learn.

Hmm? I don't know why I am talking about that, I hope you liked the interlude! I should get back to events, these were somehow events in my life, I discovered and still discover as I go along in my life I should not restrict myself to one subject, life is to be enjoyed as a whole in all its aspects. All the events in my life lead to that unique conclusion, I have been guided since birth, my life is like an immensely wide train track composed of millions of different simultaneous and interlinked tracks, I can skip to one track or the other, these tracks are all there to be enjoyed and learn lessons, Who made the tracks? It's the player of the game I am sure. But again as I said earlier, the important aspect is that to notice that there are other tracks to skip to and follow you have to follow the flow of nature, change, change and again change. This comes back again to letting go the fear inside us, because to go along with perpetual change, it means trusting the unknown, jumping to a new track and seeing what is on that new previously unknown track, the track has been there since forever, ready to be travelled on, but to notice these other tracks we have to act like children, follow our intuition to do whatever we feel like doing without bothering about human linear way of thinking.

The events in my life seem like they are all planned in advance, the potentials to do this and that are already there, comparing it to the law of attraction that is described so often, by focussing our thoughts on something vividly, we attract the events that will lead us to the track we want to follow, temporarily or forever is not even important because all other tracks still remain there available at any time. Based on my life I would say, that before we awaken to realise the availability of the infinite choice of tracks, we are on autopilot, our unconscious mind guides us on the track, but if the unconscious mind is full of unresolved fears then the tracks we will follow are ones that avoid facing these fears even if staying on these tracks might imply living a life of misery and unfulfillment. But we will keep crossing other tracks that materialize these fears, because we need at some point to realise there are other tracks! If we follow our fears, these crossing tracks will be disturbing us all our life until death, they will keep crossing the actual track, because that's the way it is, we are here to realise there are an infinity of tracks we can follow or how to change our actual track to roam harmoniously with the other tracks. What is fear? What does it do? If I go back to what I described earlier about harmony, we are here to learn what harmony is and go along with it. Fear is preventing harmony, forever, because the harmony of what we live in is based on ever changing events, ever changing tracks, even the tracks themselves change all the time, this is also why sometimes it might be good to jump to another one! That's why we will have to face our fears until death and after, because that's what we have to learn. Fear of death! That is a big subject, many people are afraid of death, because they do not know what comes after, or if there is something after? Because of that many people try to enjoy life on earth as best as they can, but defined by human terms... Going on holidays, relaxing, having a stable life, enough money to live nicely and afford what they need. If people realised life was a dream, there would be no fear of death! How do we realise life is a dream, by facing fears and jumping to other tracks whenever we want, then we would realise anything we want can happen, it is just a thought away, abundance is just around the corner. If any situation is just a thought away, a thought is like a dream, it doesn't exist physically, yet it can materialise! Well? I hope this makes some sense, again I am limited by words to explain properly what I have in mind, a picture would be worth a thousand words here, but I don't know what that picture would look like!

Speaking of that, then what is a thought worth? I would guess a thought is worth any amount of words we want, there are no limits. Some thoughts cannot even be described or explained! That's the problem I am facing here to explain what's going on, I hope the energy of the text will take care of explaining the rest. Lets quit with describing events of my life I want to continue on this track example.

I want to take a small example for the tracks to make things clearer I hope. Lets say a farmer has a house and lives alone all his life talking care of some animals and living of his food while earning just enough money to live simply. He doesn't have money to go on holidays or to buy new furnitures and things when he feels like it etc.. But what if he doesn't want to go on holiday, doesn't want new things etc. He just has money to buy what he needs to live and buy the materials he needs for farming, a tractor once in a while etc. Some would say he's stuck on a track! Yes, but there is a big difference with what I described previously, here he is stuck on a track, but happy on his track, maybe the track seems simple for other people who want more out of life, but if he's happy it's fine there. Because people who want more are stuck on tracks that aren't fulfilling what they want, they just stay on these tracks because of fear of doing what they need to do to get what they want. But since their thoughts are conflicting, they want more, yet they are afraid of going after what they want, they will still cross the tracks that could lead them to the 'more' they want and these tracks will stir up their fears everytime they cross their lives. Whereas the farmer is happy on his track, he doesn't want more, so he doesn't attract new tracks that could cause fear, he doesn't cross other tracks because he's perfectly fine on his track which adapts to roam harmoniously through all other tracks.

So with regards to that, being of the right track takes a much larger meaning, it depends on your state of mind, if you are genuinely happy where you are, you are not regretting anything or needing anything more, hence you do not focus on more, and do not attract unneeded tracks in your path. So your life could have a potential of millions of different tracks to follow, but if from day one you are happy on the same track and completely fulfilled, you might stay on exactly the same track for the rest of your life and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that choice either. The track changes over time because it is part of the whole harmony around, but since you are happy on it, it changes according to your state of mind which is in harmony with itself and hence in harmony with all the other changes as well. Even though the farmer might know nothing about spirituality, religion, maths, history, it doesn't even matter, happiness, joy, harmony within is just what matters and he can stay on his path of life forever in harmony with the rest; being happy and harmonious inside will make him take the right actions unconsciously to follow his track into the ever changing harmony. But if we stay on a track based on fear, our intuition won't work properly, we won't take the right actions to stay on our actual track or steer our track, we won't be in harmony with ourselves, hence not in harmony with the rest, so our track will cross other tracks all the time, because fear is preventing the unconscious needed actions to keep us on the track we are on. Anyway if we are stuck on a track based on fear, that is already a sign that something has to change, it's not our track! Or maybe it could become our track, but genuine happiness is needed to stay on that track, we need to observe the world in a different way.

In the respect of staying or changing tracks, all that matters is happiness devoid of fear, then you might want to stay on the same track your whole life or change tracks all the time, it is totally up to you, but to do it harmoniously you need to be happy, in harmony within, without any fear or negative emotions. This state of being will keep you in harmony with all the rest at the same time. You will follow your own track forever harmoniously or keep changing tracks forever harmoniously, it's all the same, it still comes back to the same prerequisite! Harmony! Harmony inside ourselves gives harmony outside ourselves with the whole of existence! Harmony within simply means that we have no conflicting thoughts.

Wanting more but being afraid of what is needed to get that 'more', or trying to be happy while we still want more than what we have; these are just conflicting thoughts!

On the other hand being happy with what we have and not wanting anything else, or wanting more and doing what is needed to get that 'more' while remaining happy and fearless; these are harmonious thoughts. But remember also that our actions to attain whichever goal we have chosen must remain harmonious with the whole world around, else it will backfire aswell. If your own happiness means misery for other humans or plants or anything then this is not harmonious either, your happiness is as important as anyone else's happiness is, harmony all the way! One thing I can tell right now is that helping others be happy is probably the most perfect way of helping yourself, but again it is a genuine process, you help others because you want them to be happy, if you help others just in the hope that it will bring you harmony is not right, you are not acting like a child who has absolutely no hidden motives. We should do something because we want to do that something, not because of what it might bring us in return, anyway if you do something because you want to do it and are passionate about it, it will make harmony unfold and harmony just brings more harmony, it's a good vicious circle of ever increasing harmony!

5. Some scenarios

I don't know where to start with that? That is why I will start with random scenarios that pop up in my head, the player playing with me, the character, will show me the way I am sure.

Lets start with two characters which are each one of the parents of two distinct families living in a big city on earth. One parent will be Jason, the other parent of the other family will be Laura. The two families live in completely different parts of the city and they never met each other and lets assume that both characters are controlled by the same player. Jason has a problem in his house; the kitchen stove died on Monday evening and he has no money to pay for a new one and he needs one because else he will spend much more money on food, because he cannot cook any more for his family and he will need to order food or buy precooked meals which are more expensive and of lesser quality by the way.

So on Tuesday Jason decides to go to some shops after his work to look at prices of new stoves to see how he can solve the problem even though he has not enough money, which hence will require a new credit if he chooses the normal human way of doing things!

Well it happens to be that Laura, which is a bit more wealthy than Jason, just got new kitchen some days ago and she has a kitchen stove lying around, not brand new but still working very well that she intends to bring to the skip sometimes soon. But they are in different places in the city, there is not a single chance these two peoples could know about each other. However, the omniscient player which knows what both characters have, will set up an event to make Jason and Laura meet seemingly by chance. The only problem will be that the solution to Jason problems' will depend on how he acts during that meeting which will seem completely unrelated to his problem and might not even make that meeting happen. Jason is on his way by car to the shops for kitchen appliances, a place he never goes to, which is on the side of the city where Laura works but since she lives where she works she walks by foot. Jason arrives at a road cross and doesn't know exactly what direction he has to take to go to the shops, he sees a woman, Laura just 10 meters away straight ahead from where he is stopped. Now is the decision time, Jason has two different ideas in head, either turn left to a direction where he thinks the shops are, or park the car on a bus stop which is just where Laura is. One of these two ideas was put in his mind by the player as an intuition, but it is a challenging moment, because stopping on the bus stop will surely make some cars behind Jason car horn at him and he doesn't like disturbing other drivers... the fear!

Well Jason decides to go ahead and not stop and turn left and ends up loosing 10 minutes going round to look for the shops which where not in that direction, etc. he will go to some shops and look for the cheapest stove he can find, needing to make a credit of 300€ to buy it.

There he lost the chance he had to solve his problem by a much simpler solution.

On the other hand, had Jason decided to stop on the bus stop to ask the woman. He would have stopped on the bus stop, getting horned at by the car behind! But he would have gotten out of his car to run after Laura which had walked a bit further and stopped her to ask her if she knows the area and where are the shops.

Jason: excuse me, madam, do you know where the household appliances shops are around here?

Laura: oh yes, they are straight ahead on the left.

Jason:Thank you, do you know which one sells the cheapest appliances by any chance?

Laura: I am not sure, what are you looking for?

Jason: Well, my stove broke down yesterday and I need a replacement but I cannot afford a really expensive one.

Laura: Really? I have one I was about to throw away...

And so on! You can guess where that discussion would have led? Jason and Laura would have started talking and he would have ended up helping Laura get rid of her stove even surely giving her a little money for it. Both Jason and Laura would have benefited from the situation, Laura avoiding the need to go to the dump, Jason getting a cheap working stove straight away. All that was needed for the situation to happen was for Jason to get over his little fear of stopping at a bus stop in dense traffic.

This might seem far fetched but that's how things can happen seemingly out of the blue. I remember in the house I lived in in the UK, we had a broken fridge because we defrosted it with a hair blower while keeping it on... Not the smartest idea in the world! So we where looking many days for cheap fridges on adverts and online shops but couldn't find anything really that cheap. Then my friend one morning went out to go to the shop and saw a fridge standing in front of a house? He ringed at the door and asked the lady in the house if he could take it, he would even pay her 10£ for it. She was happy, because it saved her the trouble of getting rid of it and we were happy because we got a perfectly working fridge, which is still working as I write, for just 10£. That example in my life was maybe an easier solution than the example described above, we hesitated for a very long time, we hoped to find a cheap solution and put up with the trouble of having no fridge for at least two weeks, in the end the waiting period was well worth it.

Let us now plot another scenario, simpler in appearance. This is a situation that I personally saw happen so many times, I cannot even count the occurrences. Lets take again Jason as a name for a person in this new scenario, this time Jason is unhappy about his current life, he is single, he lives in an apartment which is very noisy, he can hear his neighbours from above, below and next door making noise all the time. His apartment is in really bad shape, the heating doesn't work properly, there are leaks in the plumbing which increase his water bill and all sorts of other problems with the general fittings of his apartment. Problems that make him lose time and money to fix himself, because he is renting and the letting agency does not take care of these problems. And on top of that he's working in an unsatisfactory job to his taste. I will not focus on how he ended up in this position, this is not important here, he is in that situation right now and a thought that is always in his head is: I wish my life was better. He repeats this wish to himself so often that this will make events happen in his life to fulfil that wish. He is the character in the game wanting something very strongly, the player of the game will set up events to make that happen. But remember, what Jason wished for: I wish my life was better! There are no conditions to this wish, he never wished how it would happen, or what he wants to happen for that wish to become true. The player of the game being able to set up events to make it happen as quickly as possible will make it happen in ways that are beyond human linear thinking. Normal persons like us would think that a promotion would be good, because it would mean more money and maybe a more fulfilling job also. With this new income he would be able to change apartment and move into a better place.

But this is not how the player of the game sees things, for the player interacting with the whole of the inhabitants of earth at the same time (and their respective players), the potentials to make Jasons' wish come true are available at every street corner so to speak. So the player will make something happen that will force Jason to get out of his building, a gas pipe will burst and cause a small harmless explosion for the inhabitants, but it will make his apartment unfit for inhabitants on his floor level for more than six months until all the walls, structures etc. are repaired. Jason is forced to move out, this is an event that he won't like at all, but that's how the player of the game found a way to make his wish come true the fastest, as a side note maybe other ejected inhabitants also have a nice surprise awaiting them after that incident! Back to Jason, because of that move, Jason will end up in an apartment that is even worst than his actual apartment. It seems very awful! But his apartment is very near to a big public building with loads of landscape around. Everyday to go to his job he will have to walk by this place to go the bus stop to take the bus to go to his job. Then one day while walking by the building he sees an offer for a job to take care of the garden, plants, trees around this public building. At which point he remembers that this was what he had learned after school, gardener specialised in pruning big trees, which turns out that this park is full of very old trees. So he decides to apply for this job and finally is accepted after two weeks or so. Unknown to him when he first applied, was that he would be given a free accommodation in the property is he so wished, because he would need to work often at non conventional hours.

In this new job he actually does not earn more than in the previous job, but he has a free accommodation which is in much better state than his previously blown up apartment and he actually does a job that he enjoys, because he always liked working outdoors surrounded by plants. He is now very happy with his new work and has an accommodation that is very well maintained. This change, if one thinks about was well worth having to move temporarily in a very bad apartment; this is how the player of the game intended to set up events to fulfil Jasons' wish as fast as possible. Eventhough, as with the previous example of the needed new Kitchen stove, the answer to his problem happened in ways that are way beyond what we humans could imagine.

Maybe he could have been fired from his old job, forcing him to move somewhere else also to end up following a chain of event planned by the player of the game leading him to another very nice place.

I am not the player of the game, I cannot understand how such events can be planned in advance, it is too complicated! How would I know that at this new apartment, Jason would be obliged to walk in from of these gardens which would at that exact moment in time need someone to take care of the garden?

The players of the game know! They are all working together, setting events to direct the characters where they need to be or where they, unknowingly, would like to be. The scenarios I'm describing here still have to do with somehow urban lifestyles, in cities. But it could happen anywhere, in the middle of nowhere in a village with 10 people in total, who knows, I'm not the player of the game, I'm just happy to be part of the game and trust the player.

First, we should continue on some examples, but unlike the ones above. This time lets lake, Emma, she is married with David and they are about to have a child, she is pregnant since already 7 months, only 2 months left. They discover something that every couple wish would never happen, their child will have a disability, his arms are not growing normally, he might have just hands directly after his humerus, his Radius and Ulna Bones will almost not grow at all, he will have almost no for arms, just pre arms.

This is something no parents want, because they all want their children to be happy and healthy. But it happens. Unknowingly this misfortunate event from their point of view will be a catalyst for many great events for them and countless of other parents and children. Fast forwarding some years, their child, Jeremy is about to enter school, he's a happy kid, in fact he's more joyous than Emma and David who are very worried for his future. They see him struggling for many standard tasks like taking a bath, eating, putting clothes on, because it turns out his hand are not growing either so Jeremy sadly has no hands and almost no arms to use, just small pre arms. On arriving at school, the children have to learn how to read and write slowly and for Jeremy this would seem impossible, this was a very big worry for his parents. However they never counted on the fact that his teacher would encourage him to try and learn to use his feet to write, this meeting of this very creative teacher and Jeremy was planned by the players of the game since before the birth, it was supposed to happen to teach a great lesson for all humans.

Fast forwarding again, about five years later, now Jeremy can write perfectly well with his right leg, it took time for him to be able to lift his legs very high, like gymnasts can do. Now this has snowballed into his whole life. Instead of thinking about hands he now uses one leg like it was his right hand while staying stable on the left leg! He can grab glasses to drink, he can eat easily on his own he could even cook some simple things if he was tall enough to reach the stove, this will come as he grows into his puberty. In fact it is better than this, though his hands and for arms are almost non existent, he has pre arms which he can also use in conjunction with other actions, for example he can hold some small object while opening a bottle while standing up on one leg! By holding the object with his left pre arm, then grabbing the bottle with his right leg and lifting it up to his mouth and opening it with his mouth. Pretty amazing abilities considering his disability, he overcame many of these problems by finding out ways to use his legs and pre arms in ways his parents never thought possible, the teacher he had during his first three years at school taught him how to be creative with what he has. In fact he can write with both feet and use both his legs for complex tasks when sitting, he can put on a T-shirt is he sits down and pants and any other clothes!

Now his parents are so happy for him, they see he is still a bit annoyed for some tasks but at least he can do everything he needs to live on his own one day, which is really what they were mostly worried about, their children needing assistance for his whole life. This now prompted his mum to write a book about these great achievements in fact this book will become a best-seller, about how she overcame her depression by realising she was limiting her vision of life. In this book she explains that she and her husband were so worried about their children not being able to be like other or do things like others that they completely ignored that there could be other ways. Sure Jeremy would be different than well formed humans, but he doesn't mean he would be limited in his abilities, he would actually learn how to achieve all these same tasks but in different manners that normal human beings really never thought of. This book alone changed many lives afterwards, some people without legs learned to walk on their hands instead, turning their arms into some sort of legs, other parents who had children also suffering from some disabilities like these, missing one arm, missing one leg or both. Many grown ups discovered they could use their arms instead of legs or use feet and legs instead of arms and hands just by being creative and imagining new ways to use whatever they are blessed with.

Moreover this book also had great lessons about life in general, that people should not feel limited in any way with whatever the conditions they are born in or born with. Depression can have many causes, here for Emma it occurred just because she was focussing so much on problems she did not notice there were solutions all around. That teacher of Jeremy was a great influence on this family life, he was creative and not limited in his ability to think outside of the box. Moving forward in time, Jeremy wanted to help other people suffering from disabilities, like he was helped by his teacher. He founded an organisation that now helps thousand of other disabled persons worldwide to find new ways to overcome their disabilities, both his parents are now very proud of him and not concerned at all about his future, he can live independently and devotes his life to helping others.

Looking at this fictive story, is in fact what happened for many organisations worldwide! One or some persons had some troubles on their own, like having very destructive forms of cancer or mental disabilities or AIDS etc. and they found how to overcome most of their problems and created associations to help others in similar situations. So looking back at the players of the game, the game of life on earth, plotting such events or disabilities might seem harsh but these events often have much deeper meanings for the whole planet. Again an unfolding of events like that over tens of years in the future is something we characters in the game are completely unable to predict, there are way too many events and interactions to take into account every second of the life or all of us. But the players of the game having some soft control over the events happening on this planet can influence multiple events between many players and characters to go in precise directions without us ever knowing what will happen! I again cannot imagine how that is possible, but if we had unlimited time to pause events whenever we wanted, look at what is happening and predict the future based on the actual state, then resume the game and put some small event that will lead to a somehow precise future for some character. And then do that again and again and again and again and again, they can actually make things happen to lead to very precise outcomes. However they still have a small but not negligible fact to take into account, we characters can act in unpredicted ways at any time in the game. This is fine it's part of free will and is very important to learn, for us the characters and for the players themselves, because they also have free will themselves! They decided to put some part of themselves in this game and try out infinite amounts of life scenarios.

You might ask then why are there still many disabled people on this planet or so many ill people etc. It's not fair compared to other humans who do not have such problems? Well I think it's fair, it is just for an experience as it always has been and maybe everyone can be healthy forever and not disabled in any way, but we have yet to think more out of the box! I remember a story I read some years ago about a boy who spent his childhood capturing salamanders and releasing them and so on for many years, he was fascinated by them. One day this boy lost one of his leg because of an accident, I am sorry I don't remember exactly what happened. This boy amazed everyone because in the course of the next year after his injury he grew back his lost leg! This boy had never seen disabled people or badly injured people, all he had seen were salamanders! And when you cut a small part of a salamander, what happens? The salamander can grow it back easily! The boy having never seen anything else did exactly the same as these salamander... Impossible you would say, think about some fishes, they can grow back their fins and other parts of their, it takes time but it happens. What about humans? We can grow back skin, so why not other body parts? Do you believe this not possible? Maybe there are so many disabilities around because we have to find how to think outside of our normal box! After all this is a fact, the cells in our bodies are all renewed in matter of some years, even when we're old actually, but we recreate exactly the same cells. Isn't there a way we could grow some new rejuvenated cells and grow new cells in places where they are missing and hence regrow back missing legs, or for people with spinal injuries and losing feelings and control of their legs. There are also rare stories of people who managed to regain all the control of their legs, bruce lee also managed that after having a severe back injury, he suffered extreme chronic back pain for the rest of his life, but still, he managed to achieve something that doctors told him was impossible.

There must be many purposes to the fact that many people still suffer from some sort of injury, from birth or at any point in their life. Lets see another scenario with that in mind.

Imagine now Frank, he his in his thirties has a nice life, looking at the materialistic aspects of it he lacks nothing, independent and able to live on his own very very well. But he is a very bitter person nonetheless, always finding the little small annoying details in anything that happens in his life; kind of these type of person who moan about anything and everything for no seemingly useful reason. Then one day he has a car accident and suffers from a spinal injury and looses the control of his legs forever, according to doctors. This event will change his life forever, he now needs help all the time for many tasks, he needs assistance very often, and he lost his job that could only be performed by a person with no disabilities. Now he found a new place to work, he sits in an office as a social care worker, he helps jobless people to find new jobs and also helps them dealing with all the monetary problems that these situations create. These people actually are dealing with problems that he never had to care about before, when he was earning much more money. He hears such problems over and over again, some people having overcharges on their account because one payment could go through and now their bank is charging for the fact the account went on overdraft. This is making the life of these people very difficult, because of lots of problems like that piling up, they cannot have a house due to lack of money and when they look for a job they need a fixed address to obtain the position etc. Never-ending vicious circles. This is a huge difference with what he used to complain about when he had a lot of money, he would be complaining about scratches on his car that made his car look not perfect, he was complaining when he was at dinners and there were no chicken sandwiches with proper seasoning that he liked, he would complain when he couldn't find his preferred brand of shaving blades, complain about a painter painting a room in his place and staying 20 minutes more than scheduled... Now his old complains seem to him very useless, he was complaining very heavily about little details, whereas now he hears people everyday talking to him about how they cannot buy enough food to live, they cannot find an accommodation and other problems that are much more annoying than his own past problems. This over a couple of years made him become a new person, he is disabled but now is happy and not the bitter person he was before. Because he realises he has a shelter he doesn't lack food, he just needs assistance for many tasks, but knowing how worst it could be, disabled or not, he realises his life is not that bad at all. The person he was before also had a major inconvenient, that compulsive useless attitude he had to complain about every little detail is what made him still be alone, since for every woman he met he would find tiny details about them that annoyed him, that always ended up ruining all his relationships. Well now it turns out he is in a good relationship with a woman he likes, that same woman, before his accident would have been unacceptable, because she does not take perfect care of her appearance all the time and other similar details. However now being the happy man he is, he doesn't even notice these details that used to annoy him in the past, he just looks at his partner with admiration because she is devoted to helping him and she is very pleasant to be around.

Everything we do as humans leads somewhere, but we won't know exactly where until we follow that somewhere, that's a beautiful process, moreover if we do/be all we need without fear and just like a child, always happy, I personally love it, it just leads to more surprises and more nice unfoldings.

sorry this is unfinished, I never had time to end it ;) ...